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1st of December 2016

Road Safety Week 

Road Safety Week 21st - 27th November 2016 is the biggest road safety event, involving thousands of schools, organisations and community groups every year.  Set up in 1997, the event is coordinated annually by Brake each November, and aims to encourage grassroots action on road safety and raise awareness about the part we can all play in preventing tragedies and making roads safer.

Sawyers Transport Ltd a proud member of Agro Merchants were kindly given the opportunity to promote road safety in the community with the help of our local primary school and their very switched on P6 & P7 students.

St Francis Primary School kindly allowed us to visit on Friday 25th November, we had a short presentation on the sort of road safety issues which we as a company are trying very hard to uphold and promote. We looked at what challenges the HGV driver faces and also what the children could do armed with this knowledge to keep themselves safe.

We illustrated the blind spots a HGV driver contends with daily.  Two classes at a time were involved in a practical demonstration were the children has the opportunity to sit in the cab of the lorry and see for themselves.  Teachers also volunteered and the exercise illustrated thelack of visibility in a way that was both practical and informative.

A huge thank you to the principle, teachers and students of St Francis Primary School Lurgan who took part in Brakes Road Safety Week with us - we hope to be back with you in the new year.

To also continue on the message the children are involved in a competition to design the best road safety poseter for our drivers, all posters will be displayed within our drivers, all posters will be displayed within our driver areas and used to promote these important messages.

Winner to be announced just in time for Christmas!

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