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E: info@sawyers.cc

We can provide scheduled transport services collecting and delivering all types of goods and produce throughout Ireland and Europe.

We are a fully licensed Haulage Company and have full Goods in Transit insurance and liability cover.

All our trucks are fitted with mobile phones and a satellite tracking system so we can offer our customers quick response times in resolving delivery collection times etc.

Tractor Units

Sawyers has a fleet of more than 200 trucks consisting of a mixture of Scania, Volvo, MAN & Renault.


These trucks are replaced every two years to ensure the fleet is kept as modern as possible, minimising breakdowns and downtime on our vehicles.

Temperature Control

Sawyers Transport Ltd owns an extensive fleet of approximately 360 refrigerated trailers.


We are part of the Chillnet Partnership which consists of six other leading transport companies throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. This alliance facilitates us in maintaining the high level of service which has become our trademark


A tracking device has been installed in all Sawyers trucks which cointains a wealth of information about the journey of the truck and it's exact location.


Using GPS and GPRS technology, vehicles can be tracked via the internet, day or night from anywhere in the world!


                    Trucks and deliveries can be located at the touch of a

                    button. This system enables us to provide accruate and

                    preceise delivery times.


In addition to our curtain-sided trailers, we operate a modern fleet of 360 refrigerated trailers comprising of:


• Hook Trailers

• Euro Rail Trailers

• Twin Evaporator Trailers &

• Supercube Trailers


                    The majority of these are:


                    • Dual temperature
                    • Fitted with GPS tracking units
                    • Thermostatically controlled, providing records

                       of temperature when required.

Truck Wash

To ensure that all vehicles and trailers are presentable, we have our own truck wash on the premises.


Sawyers Transport Ltd has its own garage for the repair and maintenance of all vehicles. It also procures the services of a specialist in refrigerated trailers.